azad government. its significance!

India refused by demanding the disbarment of the Azad troops in Azad Jammu and Kashmir region which was outrightly negated by UNCIP in these words in a letter written to prime minister of India on 17 Aug, 1948 as, “… pointed out that limited government of India forces would remain, and..


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffered another defeat Parliament over his Brexit Tuesday night, leaving United Kingdom facing the likelihood it will not be exiting European Union at the end of October... ..

syria's role in lebanon's conflagration

Following the death of Sunni Sheikh Ahmad ‘Abd Al-Wahed from Lebanese military fire ‘Akkar in May 2012, Al-Rifa’i warned the military, the prime minister, and all Lebanese elements that if the incident wasn’t addressed swiftly, “the sheikhs would be forced to establish a ‘Free..

religious freedom archives - zenit

Pakistan's Prime Minister Ensures Protection of Religious Minorities 'I hope and pray that Prime Minister can put his declarations of intent into practice, since as Pakistan we need the protection of our people and places of worship... ..

trans-atlantic scorecard – october 2019

In joint statement at United Nations General Assembly New York, Prime Minister Johnson, President Macron, and Chancellor Merkel said it's clear for us that Iran bears responsibility for September 14 attack on oil processing facilities Saudi Arabia, backing U.S assessment. ..

jeremy corbyn

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn met this morning to discuss a new timetable for the prime minister’s Brexit deal... . ... . general election . used to be in the gift of the prime minister of... . ..

brand trudeau wins a second term

He is the first prime minister of the Instagram age.” . In July 2016, it was noted that Trudeau “has had about one official photo-op for every weekday he has been in the business of governing.”  ... Fighting an Instagram prime minister might have required some..

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