israel’s black panthers

Israel acknowledges, though, that the family notifications were handled with great insensitivity and, in the words of Prime Minister Netanyahu, the issue remains “an open wound that continues to bleed.” . ... Panther leaders organized a hunger strike at the Western Wall and a rally near..

the plot to keep corbyn out of power

By default and without election the next prime minister, While the media obsess about Corbyn's supposed mental deficiencies, they have smoothed the path of Boris Johnson, man. ... Contrary to the refrain of UK that Corbyn is the fear expressed on both sides of that Washington..

pm speech on the union: 4 july 2019

Prime Minister Theresa May gave a speech on the Union in Stirling, Scotland. . . . . ... As Prime Minister, I have seen it first-hand. . In our armed forces, where national and local identities are celebrated, but where every soldier, sailor, airman and marine shares a..

battle to become uk prime minister

Battle to become UK prime minister . 11 hours ago . . . Conservative leadership candidate Boris Johnson looks out from the bridge of the Isle of Wight ferry St Faith, as it sets sail from Portsmouth, Britain June 27, 2019. ..

a july 4 reminder

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki recently claimed victory in ending the “occupation” of Iraq. ... Not only Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki but Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani have also reached out to the Islamic Republic in recent..

media lens - suspending chris williamson

'The treatment of good old Boris, our next Prime Minister, makes for an interesting contrast. ... 'A possible future prime minister has said something about Auschwitz which the political editor of the Jewish Chronicle has said on twitter is 'offensive'. ..

u.s. policy on iran: trump's fake "stability" premise

In Lebanon too, not only have Iran, Syria and Israel been meddling in the country's politics for decades, but also Riyadh, whose Crown Prince arrested the Lebanese Prime Minister and forced him to step down in 2017 because he was co-operating with the pro-Iranian Hezbollah group. . ..

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