knesset in limbo

The court ruled that Ehud Barak, who had resigned as prime minister (under the previous Basic Law: The Government, which legislated a system of direct elections for prime minister), could indeed pursue such negotiations despite his resignation and that of his government. ..

trump's trade war expands to india

Those efforts ended in failure several months ago, though, and it seemed clear that India would come back to this issue after this year’s elections, which resulted in a solid victory for the government Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. ... It also represents a significant change of..

speak creole!

.” – Maurice Bishop, former prime minister of Grenada . It is recognized that on the African continent there are several languages that died over time – typically after their countries’ independence[i]. ..

peace and stability

Prime Minister Imran Khan's comprehensive statement at 19th meeting of council of heads of state of member states and the eight-pronged course of action underscored Pakistan's commitment to contribute to the advancement of SCO's goals and objectives in the political, security and sphere. ..

totally fair unfairness

It means she will still be prime minister when US President Donald Trump makes his state visit to the UK at the start of June. . ... The prime minister has faced a backlash from her MPs against her latest Brexit plan, which included concessions aimed at attracting..


“The Israeli regime’s pride in settlement expansion and land grabs reached a blatant provocation in a ceremony attended by [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and [US Ambassador to Israel David] Friedman to launch a new settlement in the occupied Golan Heights named after US President..

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