is donald trump saving britain?

Is Donald Trump About to Become Britain’s Next Prime Minister? . . . Is Donald Trump About to Become Britain’s Next Prime Minister? ... Boris Johnson is well on his way to becoming Britain’s next prime minister. ..

the cheapest blood

The list of systematic Muslim massacres is gruesome: From 1964 in Kolkata and 1983 in Nellie to 1987 in Hashimpura all the way to the Gujarat slaughter of Muslims in 2002, in which the then chief Minister of Gujarat and now the prime minister of India, was allegedly involved in..

malaysia chronicle

The new government — formed by a coalition of parties which forced former Prime Minister Najib Razak from last year, is reflective of that mix. ... But whether that will help new Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad unite the country behind a single Malaysian identity is up..

the myth of white genocide

“Something like 400 white farmers have been murdered—brutally murdered, over the last 12 months,” Australia’s former prime minister, Tony Abbott, said at the time, directly linking farm murders with land expropriation, and using a figure that was so wildly inflated that it could..


TEHRAN (FNA)- Baghdad and Washington have reached an agreement allowing US troops to be withdrawn from Syria via Iraqi territory, Chief of Staff and Adviser to the Iraqi prime minister Abdulkarim Hashim Mostafa told Sputnik on Tuesday. . . . . ..

anti-government protests spark in iraq

Abdul Wahab al-Saadi of Iraq’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service, who was pushed aside by the prime minister under mysterious circumstances. In “Did Iraq’s Prime Minister Gamble on Sidelining War Hero?” on October 1, Frantzman wrote: . ..


The political buzz is all about vote shares, seats, coalitions and on who will be prime minister. ... India has had a long-serving woman prime minister and several women chief ministers and speakers of the House. ..

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