pope francis appoints promoter of

August 16, 2019 — Pope Francis named archbishop for French of Marseille on Mediterranean Bishop Jean-Marc Aveline, 60, best known for his commitment to islamo-christian dialogue.. ... Someone correct me if I'm wrong, that there was more in the name of It would seem Pope..

pope francis: the catholic church wants to

.- The Catholic Church wants to continue to be an active and contributive member of Romanian society, Pope Francis told the president and authorities of the Eastern European country Friday. . ... Pope Francis travels to the country 20 years after the apostolic visit of St...

pope francis and papal authority under attack

Following Pope Francis's August 1, 2018 revision of the  Catechism of Catholic Church on the penalty,   group of 75 scholars wrote to the cardinals of Catholic Church telling them that it was their duty, to correct Pope Francis for taking position on capital punishment..

pope francis for first time acknowledges sexual

Pope Francis for the time acknowledged that nuns have also been the victims of sexual abuse at the hands of predator priests and bishops.. ... Pope Francis, head of Catholic Church, arrives to lead the Papal mass at Zayed Sports City, United Arab Emirates on February 5,..

pope francis on the ‘gay mentality’ that has

Father Prado, professor at Pontifical University of Salamanca, asks 60 questions on wide range of topics, including priestly, religious and consecrated vocations, and the only subject that made headlines was what Pope Francis said with regard to priests, religious, seminarians and candidates..

condemning shootings at pittsburgh synagogue, pope

Pope Francis has decried the inhumane act of violence yesterday, in which shooter killed 11 and injured six others, at Tree of Life Jewish Synagogue in United States of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, during ceremony. ... Deborah Castellano Lubov is Vatican & Rome Correspondent for ZENIT..

» youth synod…opportunities lost for pope

Youth Synod was the event for the hierarchy of the Church, most importantly, Pope Francis to make public admission of culpability for the many transgressions committed by some of Catholic clergy against adolescents over the past five decades. ... Youth Synod is over, and Vatican machine..

» pope francis and the rainbow connection…..

Such response from Bishop of Rome seems to contradict later statements made by Pope Francis and his response to Italian Episcopal Conference was resounding, No.. ... If indeed Pope Francis is taking his ques of leadership from this or any other group within Catholic..

why is pope francis the advocate‘s

Pope Francis has said and done more decent things thus in his papacy, than popes. ... Pope Francis did not articulate in the church's teaching today, except he spoke, and in doing so, he has encouraged already lively conversation that may one day make it possible for the..

pope francis takes part in commemoration of the

Pope Francis visited Jewish to Jews who were killed by Nazis and urges country, to refrain from temptation to be superior or dominant to others again... ... Pope Francis is true friend of Jewish people, and his ongoing support for our communities and the preservation of..

pope francis admits child sex abuse is driving

Pope Francis has admitted the obvious The ongoing scandal involving priests sexually abusing children is causing people to flee Catholic Church.. Pope has been able to get lot of good press for Vatican over the couple of years, and he has not been able to contain the most damaging..

dissident group: 250+ cubans arrested during pope

imprisoned to keep them from disrupting Pope Francis's visit with their presence, dissident organizations are releasing statistics on just how many people were arrested.. The Patriotic Union of Cuba, pro-democracy group, issued press release today listing 142 members of its organization..

open letter to pope francis

By all nations defense of territory and or values, Pope Francis, that The United States exceptionalism , is function of conquest or greed exercised, and that God shed His grace on We in tandem with our Founders having enshrined. By government rather than exercised and or evolved upon..

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