north korea to deport u.s. citizen held since

American man of the same name was deported from South Korea November 2017 and there was no immediate confirmation of the identity of the man held by North Korea.. Using the initials of North Korea's official name, Democratic People's Republic of Korea,..

north korea: sexual violence against women by

The 86-page report, 'You Cry at Night, and Don't Know Why Sexual Violence against Women North Korea, documents unwanted sexual contact and violence that is so North Korea it has come to be accepted as part of life. ... Park Young Hee, in her 40s also from Ryanggang..

china, russia, north korea, and iran set for

China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran are preparing nuclear electronic pulse attacks from space in conflict to cripple U.S military and plunge United States into darkness, according to declassified study... ... Nuclear EMP attack is part of the military doctrines, plans, and exercises of..


The new meeting comes just weeks after Syrian delegation visited the capital of DPRK, AMN reported.. DPRK's official affirmed his admiration for the steadfastness of Syrian people and its in the face of the war on Syria.. ..

north korea: nukes vs. war

These skeptics somehow expect North Korea to provide inventory of the nuclear capabilities, relinquish its existing weapons, good faith and in the hopes that Washington will remove economic sanctions. ... But if denuclearization gets in the way of peace if squabbling over the..

‘us lacks authority to call north korea

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaks about Iran and North Korea on April 19, 2017 Washington, DC Embed.. ... This picture taken on February 22, 2017 and released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency on February 23 shows North Korean Kim Jong-Un..

trump follows, dprk-iran lead

Trump administration's more relaxed attitude towards North Korea is reflected secretary of state Mike Pompeo's proposed new visit to Pyongyang, and Trump's statement on 26 September that he has no timeframe in mind for Kim Jong-un to proceed with the disarmament. ... The aspect connects..

fire and fury in iran and north korea

In, the summit achieved little in bringing North Korea to denuclearization no concrete steps were put in place to demonstrate North Korea's to the denuclearization of Korean peninsula... ... In discussions with North Korea, the role of South Korea was..

behind the us war drive against north korea

The test firing by North Korea of missile on Monday, the in series of missile trials, ings by Washington and its allies, amid continuing US military build-up near Korean Peninsula. The US Navy announced last week that it was deploying USS Nimitz and its battle group to the region, bringing..

churches push for peace with north korea

In general, throughout the panel the blame for tensions between North and South Korea was laid entirely at the feet of United States, with the caveat that Japanese were also to blame. The division of Korea into North and South, Reverend said, was the product of a agenda..

-north korea talks reach understanding...

.- North Korea talks reach understanding The nuclear negotiators for United States and North Korea reached Saturday during talks aimed at smoothing upcoming six-nation negotiations, American envoy said. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill said enough progress..

north korea to disable reactor

SEOUL, South Korea -- North Korea said Sunday it's ready to permanently disable the reactor it just turned off if United States lifts economic sanctions on the nation and strikes it from list of terrorism sponsors. ... The aid and shutdown were the first steps under the six-party..


Trump - American - Iran ...

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