mutinsky v. town of clark

Plaintiff owned and resided at 65 North Grant Avenue, Congers, New York and owned and rented out 65A North Grant Avenue, Congers, New York. ... On June 28, 2013, the tenant called Clarkstown police and requested police assistance at 65 North Grant Avenue, Congers, New York,..

the party is over – foreign policy

All of this means that it will be harder for Europe to get the strong, stable, and ideologically coherent governments that are a prerequisite for dealing effectively with a growing list of challenges: how to respond to the rising support for national-populism, how to craft a durable solution to the refugee..

the populists: what is to be done?

It has been a disorienting experience for veterans of the stable and prosperous early postwar decades in western Europe and north America, recalling instead the charged and polarised politics of the 1930s whose ending is well known. ..

social policy

Interview with the Free Women’s Movement (TJA) in North Kurdistan October 23, 2018 Ayşe Gökkan, Gülcihan Şimşek, Mahir Kurtay and Anya Briy . ..

a deepening u.s.-china cybersecurity dilemma

Lyu observes that the new strategy marks a break from previous such documents in that it lists China first among the group of four “States that can pose strategic threats to U.S. prosperity and security” (in addition to Russia, North Korea, and Iran). ..

us reform movement to bolster israel education -

Reform in the US will be ramping up education about, and engagement with, Israel, as part of strategic initiative to strengthen the identification of Reform Jews North America with Jewish state.. ... URJ leads the largest, most Jewish Movement North America, Union for Reform Judaism..

famine is on the verge of a major comeback

The “tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him”—united Europe. ... The reason our future food supply depends so much on this North African country is because it is home to some 75 percent of the world’s known phosphorus reserves. ..

united nations day — day of shame

He even asserted that the UN “is dealing with art, folklore, nature, the preservation of species, germ banks, labor, handicrafts, literature, industry, trade, tourism, energy, finance, birth defects, sickness, pollution, politics, the prevention of accidents, of war and conflicts, the building of peace, the..

the humble libertarian: 2018

Additionally, Washington-approved weapons transfers from Qatar to Libya have ended up in the hands of jihadi militants with ties to Al Qaeda in West African of Mali, fueling the growing crisis in the north, where Islamists took control January 2012 with the goal of implementing sharia law. 25. ..

tom g. palmer

He frequently lectures North America, Europe, Eurasia, Africa, Latin America, China, and Middle East on science, choice, the moral, and civil society, legal, and historical foundations of individual rights. ..

republicans control poorest states

North Carolina . • Median household income: . • 2017 unemployment rate: . 4.6 percent (17th highest) . 14.7 percent (13th highest) . • Legislative Control: . • Gubernatorial Control: . • Median household income: . • 2017 unemployment rate: . 4.0 percent (21st lowest) . 12.5 percent (23rd..

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