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'Euro-myth, war and the legtimacy of European Union, National Identities, 18, 2.. ' Euroscepticism and Anglosphere traditions and dilemmas English, Journal of Common Market Studies.. Nation, Memory and Great War Commemoration mobilizing Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Peter..

on my visit to new zealand

., is one of the three languages in the country, the others being English  and Sign Language, sets New Zealand apart from other colonized spaces, where indigenous peoples, cultures, languages and rights are, to various extents, inconsequential.. ..

new zealand: anzac day glorifies imperialist war

This immense threat to the entire world was not mentioned in any of the speeches or editorials in New Zealand. . In a video message on April 24, Prime Minister Bill English called on people to attend Anzac services in order to “acknowledge the price that so many New Zealanders..

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