greece: change of government, same old austerity

Former Greek prime Alexis Tsipras welcomes elected Greek prime Kyriakos Mitsotakis, leader of Greece's New Democracy party, at Maximos Mansion Athens, Greece, July 8, 2019. ... As consequence, in Greek General Election held on July, New Democracy party led by Kyriakos..

greek general election 2019

Fotoğraf Andreas Papakonstantinou ATHENS, GREECE - JULY President of New Democracy Party, Kuriakos Mitsotakis, ments to the press members during Greek election 2019, Athens on July 07, 2019 ... Fotoğraf Andreas Papakonstantinou ATHENS, GREECE - JULY President of New..

the bill press show - 04/05/19

Bill welcomes Religion News Service Jack Jenkins, ThinkProgress Alan Pyke, and Environmental Politics Reporter for New Republic, Emily Atkin, .. Alan Pyke Bill Press Green New Deal Jack Jenkins New Republic Religion News Service ThinkProgress... ..


Kyriakos Mitsotakis has managed to keep his New Democracy party together, and he might just take power because of it... ..

a new political crisis in greece?

Α coalition cabinet stepped in to govern after which New Democracy cooperated with PASOK until December 2014. ... Tsipras is well aware that SYRIZA's popularity is lagging behind New Democracy party in the polls, and he will try to re-attract disenchanted supporters..

jacob t. levy

His writing on contemporary questions has been published Foreign Policy, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, Salon, The Australian, Slate, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Reason, The Boston Review, and The New Republic online... ..

central african republic/icc: new chance for justice

Yékatom is leader who has been charged with crimes committed between December 2013 and August 2014 Bangui, the country's capital, and other locations in Central African Republic. ... By the work of new court in the country, ICC investigations in Central African Republic are..

the bolsonaro effect

By the undisputed rule of austerity, New Republic was characterised, ality and unemployment, the permeant blackmail caused by fear of capital flights, and the decision to privilege law and order policies over the protection of human rights.. ..

the american journal of shark jumping

The New Republic seems now home for what appears to be lunatics.  Consider this recent in titled Climate Kings  How generation of authoritarian leaders are using climate change to seize power. ... Spartacus awaits New Republic's article on why there can no longer be..


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