washington vs. lincoln

By the historians who consider both to be the greatest presidents in, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington stare silently at one another across the reflecting pool on National Mall Washington D.C., their paths inextricably linked American history.. ..

who owns the women’s march?

By millions of others marching concert around the world, While somewhat hasty and scattered, the result of the efforts was undeniable groundswell Nearly 470,000 people flooded National Mall on Jan 21, 2017, joined— solidifying Women's March as powerful force American politics.. ..

frc blog

My favorite tour guide for National Mall was the man who starred in the first inauguration to be held on West Front of Capitol. ..

plans to memorialize a war without end

In June, it was announced that monument for soldiers who in Gulf War was approved for construction on National Mall near Lincoln Memorial, by US Commission of Fine Arts. Meyer, professor at University of Virginia and member of the commission, expressed concern over the proliferation of war..

march for life

The annual March for Life was held on National Mall near Washington Monument.. ... In annual rally at Ellipse on Nation's Mall, pro-life advocates and lawmakers talked about the anniversary of Roe v.. ..

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