how the nicaraguan revolution was lost

On that day, tens of thousands of Nicaraguans flooded into Managua to celebrate their defeat of US-backed Somoza family dictatorship that had ruled through the terror of its National Guard for more than four decades.. ... Now relying on National Guard to maintain..

editor’s choice: june 05, 2019

Members of Russia's National Guard line up marking the end of the month of Ramadan, Moscow, Russia June 4, 2019. ... Members of Russia's National Guard line up marking the end of the month of Ramadan, Moscow, Russia June 4, 2019... ..

california governor to pull national guard members

Gavin Newsom on Monday will order the removal of roughly 360 National Guard members from California's southern boundary with Mexico, repudiating President Trump's of influx of Central American refugees and migrants as security crisis.. ... Newsom said Trump's plans to deploy another 3,750..

new mexico governor withdraws state's national guard

Michelle Lujan Grisham said Wednesday to order the withdrawal of National Guard troops from the border was to avoid using the reserve military force to militarize the border... ... She did, however, direct 11 to National Guard personnel to remain in the southwestern part..

tunisia: bloggers held for criticizing officials

On October 23, 2018, National Guard Kebili summoned Abd Dhaher and on October 31, interrogated him for 30 minutes, in the presence of his lawyer based on complaint brought by Bin Dhifallah. On November, First Central Command Unit of National Guard's Intelligence and..

reconstruction-era law limits national guard as

Oct 25, 2018 In recent days, President Donald Trump has threatened to deploy National Guard members to block situation at Mexican border. ... By offering technical assistance and training, National Guard or regular federal forces could assist United States Border Patrol,..

us national guard on arizona/mexico border

The first of 532 National Guard troops are set to begin their mission in Arizona desert August under President Obama's plan to beef up security. ... o the National Guard deployment, U.S. The new, border-wide use of Predator aircraft, comes on the heels of the recently..

four dead in ohio

Like the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr two years earlier, nearly everyone alive at the time remembered what they were doing when they heard the news that college students protesting the war were shot daylight by members of Ohio National Guard.. ... But at the time, Nixon..

anti-war soldier, activist to speak

Camilo Mejía, activist, is Florida National Guard staff sergeant and objector who was court-martialed and jailed for desertion. ... He joined the military at age 19, serving as in Army for three years before transferring to Florida National Guard.. ..

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