how juan guaidó venezuela’s ‘interim

Letting the military lead could be the only option, given the recent of Russian troops Venezuela, and it will be hard sell to public that has accepted Guaidó as its leader and been sold the dream of liberator. The opposition has relied on the traditional and Juan Guaidó as the..

juan guaidó: the man who would be president of

Juan Guaidó The Man Who Would Be President of Venezuela Doesn't Have Constitutional Leg to Stand On.. Donald Trump imagines Juan Guaidó is the president of Venezuela. Guaidó, man of impeccable illegitimacy, was exposed by Cohen and Blumenthal as product of..

european nations recognize juan guaido as

Venezuela's leader and self-proclaimed acting Juan Guaido arrives at Federal Legislative Palace, to address Caracas, on February 4, 2019 ... key group of European Union countries endorsed Venezuelan Juan Guaido piling the pressure on embattled President Nicolas Maduro to..

venezuela opposition leader juan guaido declares

Juan Guaido, president of National Assembly, sings the anthem during pro-opposition rally Caracas, Venezuela, on Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019. ... European Union said Wednesday that the voice of Venezuelan people cannot be ignored and called for free and credible elections after South..

trump considering recognizing venezuela's juan

Trump is weighing recognizing National Assembly President Juan Guaido authoritarian who has presided over Venezuela's political and economic crisis, was in last week for second term.. ... National Security Council Garrett Marquis declined to confirm that Trump is weighing this step, the..

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