us military: a terrorist organization

It lied saying Tehran supports terrorist groups, adding ince 1979, to direct, facilitate, and carry out activity globally US, NATO, Israeli, polar opposite how Islamic Republic operates.. ... SNSC said he Islamic Republic of Iran regards baseless move as major threat..


The Islamic Republic of Iran regards this baseless move Iran's top body reiterated.. ... reciprocal move will be placed on our agenda and then put into operation based on the policies of Establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran, General reiterated.        .. ..

following the constitution

The consensual document of Islamic Republic of Pakistan is no shall achievement considering the difficulties encountered in its struggle. ... In the last 45 years the constitution of Islamic Republic has been amended 25 times the last being on May 31, 2018 by contrast..

pressrelease: press releases

NATO Secretary General visits the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with Chairman of Military Committee and Supreme Allied Commander Europe. Jens Stoltenberg, is visiting the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, accompanied by Chairman of Military Committee, Air Marshal Sir..

iranian pseudo anti-imperialism

it has been shifted during the past decades, from Saddam Hussein to Muammar Gaddafi, Islamic Republic has been always the exception that has made American dominance possible.. It seems that the survival of Israel in the region is bound up with the current state of Islamic..

us-led coalition failing against daesh: leader

Islamic Republic, despite the propaganda by the hegemonic current, is active and effective with such goal, and does not interfere in the affairs of other countries, . .. ... Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated Iran's full commitment to its obligations under last agreement, known signed..

regime backers flood tehran streets

Clad in black and holding portraits of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the government supporters chanted slogans for Islamic Republic and against its opponents.. ... Iranian officials condemned the earlier protest as part of foreign-backed plot to weaken Islamic..

iran says no to fast answer on nuke deal

The exchange among the three allies came Britain and France would revive push to punish Islamic republic with U.N. ... August date announced by Iran was based on the necessity for comprehensive and accurate study of the package and is unalterable, Islamic Republic News..

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