u.s. imperialism, iran and the context for war

United States sees Iran as challenge to the kind of order it envisions for Middle East Islamic Republic sees United States as determined to overthrow the regime and exclude it from the region.. ... The imposition of secondary sanctions, has sent Iranian economy tumbling and forced..


He described the US measures in the region and said, The US plots to foment crisis in the region, specially Syria, have failed and Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia's cooperation have soothed crises in the region... ... Stressing the necessity for prudence the leader said,..

following the constitution

The consensual document of Islamic Republic of Pakistan is no shall achievement considering the difficulties encountered in its struggle. ... In the last 45 years the constitution of Islamic Republic has been amended 25 times the last being on May 31, 2018 by contrast..

iranian pseudo anti-imperialism

it has been shifted during the past decades, from Saddam Hussein to Muammar Gaddafi, Islamic Republic has been always the exception that has made American dominance possible.. It seems that the survival of Israel in the region is bound up with the current state of Islamic..

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