john burnett, npr

His special reporting projects have included working New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina, and continuing coverage of U.S drug in Americas. ..

trayvon martin and the new jim crow

Bush steal the election to the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, series of high profile cases of police murder, the historic impact of African American communities across the country, and the execution of Troy Davis last fall, Black people have had few places or opportunities to register..

state's prison population shrinks

By Freddie Allen NNPA Senior Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON As Gulf Coast residents and policymakers celebrated the recovery of Crescent City on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, advocacy groups challenged the narrative of resilient and better New Orleans by launching KatrinaTruth..

the post-9/11 security states

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina exposed the violence of governance and heightened counterinsurgency and also by the un-natural processes of privatization, and the deployment of U.S military with shoot-to-kill orders.. On behalf of Palestinian people and, in particular, the refugee communities..

section 1: trust in government 1958-2010

2001 terrorist attacks, trust government began slipping almost immediately and continued to tumble with the debate over Iraq, series of White House and congressional scandals, the poor response to Hurricane Katrina, and worsening economic conditions. ..

the case against nuclear power

U.S department that would be in charge of such operation is the same one that brought us the chaotic and evacuation of the city of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina debacle Department of Homeland Security.. ..

death penalty a tool in state, author says

She also interjected her story with jabs at President Bush, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Patriot Act, Iraq, Congress debate over what constitutes torture and the response to Hurricane Katrina in home state of Louisiana.. ..

roll call - congressional voting

The amendment also proposed $10 million to care for Gulf Coast children exploited in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and $8 million to assist victims of violence and sexual abuse in areas struck by Katrina. House will take up extension of Head Start program for pre-school..

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