attacks mount against philippine human rights

The government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been threatening and attacking number of human rights advocates, labor, church and community organizers, and indigenous people and the poor.. ... Last May Archad Ayao, investigator for Philippine Commission on Human..

where senatoriables stand on human rights

For respecting human rights, senatoriables Neri Colmenares, Chel Diokno, Leody de Guzman, Erin Tañada, and Samira Gutoc got perfect score of seven. ... Looking at the track record of senatoriables on the defense and promotion of human rights, Colmenares, Diokno and..

geneva / colombia human rights

SOUNDBITE Rupert Colville, Spokesperson for Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.. ... By civil society actors and, In just the first four months of this year, total of 51 alleged killings of human rights defenders and activists have been..

uk human rights blog

Article 5 | Right to liberty and security of the person . Read posts on this Article . . . Art.5 of the European Convention on Human Rights provides as follows: . (1) Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person. ..

2018 country reports on human rights practices

Worker Rights in subsections freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining prohibition of forced or prohibition of worst forms of child labor and minimum age for employment prohibition of discrimination with respect to employment and occupation and acceptable conditions of work. ..

why are human rights defenders silent?

Why are human rights defenders silent? . . April 28, 2019 . . TEHRAN - The latest crime in Saudi Arabia's wild regime has led to anger and hatred of all the people of the world from Riyadh. ... The main question is why many human rights defenders in the world do not..

human rights and cultural practices

Two of the weaknesses of the literature on African human rights is the tendency to generalise about African traditional societies as if they were culture and to speak of them without including the voices of those. ... The findings that emerge from the study signal that practices of..

asian human rights commission

Asian Human Rights Commission extends its deepest sympathies to the victims of Christchurch, New Zealand. ... Asian Human Rights Commission, regional, non-governmental, human rights Asia, has learned of the situation on the war against Indonesia. ..

world's leading human rights abuser usa

Omitted is the appalling record of the world's leading human rights abuser on global scale USA.. ... By endless wars of aggression and other forms of state terror, Republicans and Dems abuse the civil and human rights of ordinary people worldwide notably.. ..

china slams ‘flawed’ us human rights record

The Development of China's Human Rights in New Era at UN Geneva headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland, on Nov 6, 2018. ... The US will never stop using the human rights issue as tool or stop standing at the high ground to make misleading judgments to the public, said Chinese..

trump’s dereliction on human rights

In the cases of rogue regimes such as Iran, Cuba, and North Korea, Trump has drawn attention to their human rights violations as part of his broader campaigns to thwart their threats to U.S interests. ... While few Americans, whether Republican or Democrat, would suggest otherwise, ment..

the human rights reports: shaping diplomacy abroad

In response to the ongoing abuses of human rights under Cuban regime, we highlighted the plight of Cuban political prisoners through our #JailedForWhat campaign. ... About Authors Veronika Hanks and Allie Ng serve in Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor's Office..

human rights: a reactionary cause

UK did not join what was to become EU, namely European Economic Community, until 1973, whereas European Convention on Human Rights came into force in 1953 and Britain granted individuals the right to petition ECHR in 1966. ... campaign by the left-leaning..

dispensable human rights

The rotten history of United Nations shows that the competing states who make up its membership care little about the notion that the inalienable rights of all members of the human is the foundation of freedom, justice and in the world... ..

human rights abuses in ukraine

By security forces, Human rights groups and United Nations noted significant deficiencies in investigations into human rights abuses committed, in particular into allegations of torture, enforced disappearances, arbitrary detention, perpetrated by the Security Service of..

geneva / human rights council opening

Political crises, wars, transnational organized crime, exclusion and lack of access to justice, constitute clear threats the adequate answers from this Council and from the entire international system for the protection of human rights.. 7. By powerful grassroots movements for social..

geneva / south sudan human rights

Continuing violence and human rights violations, including rape and violence, South Sudan may amount to war crimes, ing to Human Rights Council on alleged gross violations and abuses of human rights in the country.. Andrew Clapham, Member of Commission..

al mezan center for human rights

The documentation by Al Mezan Center for Human Rights shows that on Friday, 25 January 2019, Israeli forces killed one man and injured 153 other protesters, including 34 children, six women, five paramedics, and one journalist    . ..

linda sarsour: muhammad - human rights activist

Prophet Muhammad, was human rights activist, adding that there is no need for workers rights movements, justice movements, or Black Lives Matter movements, or anti-racism or feminism, because Islam taught these values long before they were hashtags or movements. ..

the universal declaration of human rights turns 70:

Muslims who grant themselves the right to adopt human rights declaration based on their own religion need to allow followers of other religions to do the same, argues Iranian Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Shirin Ebadi in her essay... ... The inefficient functioning of United..

jewish human rights

According to Loeffler, the promotion of human rights who replaced European model of minority rights with idea of American-style civil liberties.. ... In the aftermath of Eichmann, Israel of the 1960s emerges as the ultimate entity, incompatible with Universalist imperatives of..

blasphemy laws and human rights

It was Ireland's 2009 Defamation Act that inspired Pakistan's successful attempt, on behalf of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, to persuade UN Human Rights Council to condemn the defamation of religion  as human rights violation. ..

human rights

Greece's Council of State announced that it has ruled as constitutional and in line with European legislation the law that extends the cohabitation... ..

protecting human rights

United Kingdom remains committed to the promotion and protection of the human rights of all people around the world. ... For the human rights defenders and their families, arrested, 'disappeared or killed for standing up for the rights of others. ..

swedish hypocrisy on human rights

Human Rights Watch World Report 2018 states, PA and Hamas arrested activists who criticized their leaders, security forces, or policies, and mistreated and tortured some in their custody. The Independent Commission for Human Rights Palestine, statutory commission..

us urges saudis to respect human rights

We reaffirm our calls on the Government of Saudi Arabia to respect and protect human rights, says Kirby, spokesman for US State Department The United States has called on Saudi Arabia to have fair judicial proceedings and respect human rights after Riyadh executed Shia..

50.50 aids, gender and human rights

By some police departments in, new bill, together with moves American cities to end the use of condoms has given hope to activists fighting to reduce the spread of HIV, secure human rights for sex workers, and to decriminalize sex work. 29 July 2014. ..

on voting other people's human rights

The whole point of human rights is that, by definition, they are counter-majoritarian — what anyone does in their privacy and without affecting the property of others is not subject to vote. ... Last I checked Universal Declaration of Human Rights says nothing about..

when economics outweigh human rights

Brad Adams, Asia Director for Human Rights Watch, said that the merits of TiP's tier system is ongoing debate among anti-trafficking groups, and that they increase their efforts to combat the issue. ... By upgrading Malaysia this year's TiP report, State Department has prioritized..

human rights watch submission to office of the un

UN General Assembly Special Session offers opportunity to reassess these policies, engage in open and wide-ranging debate about their costs to human rights, and consider alternatives to the current approach to global drug control that are grounded human rights.. ... ..

10 awful canadian violations of human rights

That is, simply, that the act violates fundamental human rights. We are provided with an act, the basis of which is a presumption that society, or at least the government, knows what kind of people can be allowed children and what kinds of people cannot . . . ..

the changing ground of human rights

By the soaring spread of the, The information age, characterized Internet, on one hand, raises the awareness of human rights protection among the public - online judgments, public hearing videos and other legal materials facilitate people's access to the world and establish more channels..

human rights watch written statement on gaza to the

The sixth of Human Rights Council has been called for January 23 to address Gaza and West Bank of Nablus. ... Human Rights Watch calls upon Council to • Urge Egypt to open Rafah crossing for humanitarian purposes, ensuring that arms and other military material that..

., bush tackles human rights

Calling on United Nations to honor its human-rights charter, Bush turned spotlight on efforts to overcome dictatorships Cuba, Zimbabwe and Sudan.. ... He also urged the body to reform its Human Rights Council, that United States was open to overhaul of U.N. ..

u.s. must stand tall for human rights

While number of countries support human-rights positions, United States took the lead to garner support, often in the face of hypocrisy and indignation. ... The United Nations refusal to re-elect United States to the Commission on Human Rights, however, is not partisan..

u.n. human-rights snub stuns u.s.

White House Ari Fleischer said the loss would not stop President Bush from speaking out about the importance of human rights around the world.. ... This is very and worrisome signal, not just because we lost the seat, said U.S official involved human rights. ..

human-rights progress cited in china

High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson said Tuesday that despite continuing human-rights abuses, she had sensed among Chinese leaders willingness to discuss the country's rights record.. ... She said Chinese government had also signed letter of understanding..

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