china threatens intervention in hong kong

On June, million people marched in protest Hong Kong to extradition bill that would allow China to easily transfer anyone suspected of breaking Chinese to China, where courts are controlled by Communist Party. Hong Kong Garrison of Chinese People's..

gordon chang: on the hong kong protests,

Gordon Chang On Hong Kong Protests, Chinese Economy, Trade War, & Trump's New Tariffs.. ... We discuss Hong Kong protests, the US- China trade war, President Trump's new tariff threat, weakening of the renminbi, and how Chinese Communist Party is on..

‘now we are paying the price’

Since then, Chinese government has continued to encroach on Hong Kong, which has been allowed to operate with degree of autonomy from Beijing. ... the Communist Chinese Government has increased its Hong Kong's affairs and Hong Kong government has been..

has hong kong scored a victory?

The question of who inherits Earth will be decided at the intersection between the special of Hong Kong and Chinese between Confucian Party dictatorship that wants to mould individuals and the in its own likeness and the idea and reality of Western-style freedom. ..

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