james downes

Downes is Comparative Politics at Chinese University of Hong Kong. He specialises populist radical right and radical left parties in western and central-eastern Europe. ..

hong kong may criminalize insults to chinese

Hong Kong has taken the first steps in criminalizing disrespect of China's in what critics say is bid to stem in Chinese city.. ... Hong Kong fans cover their faces and boo during Chinese anthem, at soccer match between Hong Kong and Bahrain..

trotskyism in china

The British of Hong Kong and International Settlement Shanghai, offered the least dangerous environments. ... The majority moved its leadership out of China to Hong Kong, while the minority voted to stay based on the simple conviction that it was better for..

asia society in 2018: a year in pictures

Actors from Asia Society Hong Kong's chamber Mila,  a story about the richness and Hong Kong's, world premiere run from  January 18, 2018, to January 21, 2018 ... Augmented reality artwork action part of Liminal Encounters An Augmented Reality exhibition which is on..

hong kong free press: independent news for

HKFP Lens Aboard the 97,000-ton, 1,096-foot USS Ronald Reagan carrier as it visits Hong Kong 21 November 2018 19 11... USS Ronald Reagan anchored Hong Kong for a port visit on Wednesday in what analysts believe to be sign of ahead of meeting between China president Xi..

scoring china’s happiness quest

In World Happiness Report, China ranked 86th out of 156 countries, Hong Kong ranked 76th , while Taiwan ranked 26th . Contrary to China and Hong Kong, Taiwan which since 2017 has been referred to as province of China in the rankings shows trend over the past few years..

before the revolution

Ailing Zhang Papers, USC Libraries Eileen Chang, Hong Kong, circa 1954 The sense of humiliation that has seeped into China has, for many, led to ambivalence toward West Chinese admire its wealth, freedoms, and modernity, yet we are rivals, not friends. ... Before Little Reunions, there..

hk bans group, citing its separatist views

HKNP has advocated and spread the notion of in gross violation of Constitution, Basic Law of Hong Kong SAR and relevant local laws, .. ...   The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions said the ban is in line with society's expectations and is reasonable and..

a tale of two chinese cities

Tsang was investigated by Hong Kong's Independent Commission Against Corruption and later charged with crimes of official misconduct and bribery by Hong Kong of Director of Public Prosecutions. ... The arrangement between Britain and China provided for Hong..

richard c. bush

In Fall 2016, Brookings Institution Press published his most recent book, Hong Kong in the Shadow of China Living with Leviathan, study of recent developments Hong Kong and its political and economic future.. ..

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