defining endless war down

Whether it was the unabashed cheerleading that colored much of the reporting during Gulf War or the credulous parroting of WMD claims in the lead-up to the 2003 re-invasion, the US media has compiled dreadful record when it comes to Iraq.. ... Parsing what he asserts were the begin and..

the pentagon’s ‘ides of march’

With the exception of the War on Afghanistan and Gulf War, all US- NATO and allied led military operations over period of more 1965 have been initiated in the month of March. ... The US- NATO led invasion of Iraq started on March 2003 on the pretext that Iraq possessed Weapons..

the us must not abandon the kurds again

'our destiny will be like Kurds of Iraqi Kurdistan in 1991, Associated Press, referring to Kurdish and Shia uprising against Saddam Hussein at the end of Gulf War.. ... It's tough even to approach the level of callousness and cynicism of Bush at the end of Gulf War. ..

poppy lit the fire: bush and iraq

It was Papa Bush, after all, who sent American troops half way around the world to launch First Gulf War — error of tragic proportions in its own way for much of the horror that afflicts Greater Middle East to this day.. What is also extraordinary about First Gulf War..

the world george h w bush made

Fully aware of what happened some four decades Bush resisted pressures to expand Gulf War's aims.. The end of Gulf War was messy, as Saddam managed to hang on to Iraq with brutal crackdown on Kurds in the north and Shiites in the south. ..

united states war crimes during the first persian

Sometime Pentagon proceeded to revise its outstanding war plans for U.S military intervention into Persian Gulf order to destroy Iraq. Defendant Bush has continued to lie and cover up to American people and Congress the true nature and extent of U.S casualties during Persian..

george h.w. bush dead at 94

Bush and Colin Powell, the chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, speak on separate phones February 1991 while Joint Chiefs John Sununu, Robert Gates and Brent Scowcroft listen to conversation about halting Gulf War.. ... Gulf War was the time the world learned of the huge..

how war created famine

Its strategic position, with close access to the oil lanes of Red Sea and Persian Gulf, means that it was prize during Cold War between Russia and United States.. In the run-up to Gulf War the leader of Sudan declared support for Iraq's Saddam Hussein. ..

the endless $1.6 trillion war on terror

Now Congressional Research Service has provided new accounting of the cost of wars in Middle East between 2001 and 2014 interventions that have been more expensive than Korean War, Vietnam War and Persian Gulf War of 1990-1991 all rolled into one and adjusted for..

iraq war should remind u.s. of lessons of ww ii

The left-wing of the spectrum tends to claim that the war was unjustified and carried out entirely incorrectly the right wing likes to portray the war its conduct and the post-war operations.. George Bush Sr had the opportunity to remove Saddam Hussein at the conclusion of Gulf..


., sponsor of the effort, cited Hussein's use of chemical weapons against Iraqi Kurds and neighboring Iran his firing of ground-to-ground missiles against noncombatant Israel during Persian Gulf War in 1991 and Iraqi intelligence efforts to assassinate former President George Bush during his..

arming israel is not stability

I have stated in previous letters to The Morning Call that one of the main objectives of Gulf War was the administration's intent to keep Israel as the dominant force in Middle East subsequent events have served to re-enforce that perception. ..

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