With proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot this November that could erode the separation of religion and state Florida, and undermine women's rights to make their own health care decisions, the stakes are just too high to stay home on Election Day... ..

election day political opposites in iowa

Nov 7 update Romney carried Sioux County with 83.3 percent of Obama got 15.6 percent in the unofficial totals from Election Day. ... While political experts analyze data like that to determine how and why voters in one area lean one way and others in area lean the other, one thing is..

2015 october

City Clerk Mary Audley confirmed this week that there has been little early in advance of November Election Day in the city.. ..

2012 october

By voting yes or no on law that will eliminate state criminal and civil penalties for the medical use of marijuana by qualifying patients, Lynn residents will be casting vote on Election Day on Question 3. ..

nader seeks strange bedfellows

WASHINGTON — Ralph Nader, while vowing his presidential run is as independent, is embarking on strategy that, come Election Day, may find him running as independent, Green, Populist and Reform Party candidate all at once.. ..

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