misinformation follows house approval of h.r. 1

Among the many things the bill would do, if it were ever to become make Election Day holiday require states to automatically register eligible voters compel states to create independent commissions to oversee redistricting implement campaign-finance and election-security changes and..

election day in america

Election Day in America . January 23, 2019 . . to go live in a new posthumous trade edition, as promised. ... The ballot folds out to three feet in width (a facsimile of the municipal ballot) and is accompanied by a 33 rpm vinyl record (“Election Day Tape”) intended..


With week to go before Election Day, Americans are confident their election authorities are up to the essential tasks of making sure that elections are run and that votes are counted accurately.. ..


With proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot this November that could erode the separation of religion and state Florida, and undermine women's rights to make their own health care decisions, the stakes are just too high to stay home on Election Day... ..

election day political opposites in iowa

Nov 7 update Romney carried Sioux County with 83.3 percent of Obama got 15.6 percent in the unofficial totals from Election Day. ... While political experts analyze data like that to determine how and why voters in one area lean one way and others in area lean the other, one thing is..

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