south african imam: zionism is world cancer

Cape Town Eid Al-Fitr Sermon by Imam Abdurahman Alexander Zionism Is World Cancer, Israel Is Rogue State Hamas and Fatah Must Unite. Sheikh Abdurahman Alexander, co-Imam of Masjidul Quds Cape Town, South Africa, said in Eid Al-Fitr sermon that was streamed live on..


TEHRAN - Iranian Muslims and their brethren across the world on Wednesday celebrated the occasion of Eid al-Mab'ath - the anniversary of the appointment of Prophet Mohammad to prophethood... ..

mosul celebrates daesh-free eid al-fitr: video

Iraqi forces have repelled series of Daesh suicide bombing attacks Mosul, permitting the city's inhabitants to celebrate their first Eid al-Fitr without Takfiri terrorists presence.. ... It was the time since 2014, when Daesh overran Mosul, that the population were able to celebrate..

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