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Sep 29, 2017 Defense One . . . . . . As the Islamic State's territory shrinks and its prestige declines, militants will try to find their way home. ... Jul 12, 2016 Defense One . . . . . . ISIL has been forced out of 56 places it once controlled, including five major..

high-profile domestic violence case in cuba

Dianelis has continued to make headlines because she was then criticized, insulted, revictimized, people gave their opinions and also came to the defense. I, at least, am waiting for Ministry of Culture to release statement any time now about El Tosco's selfless work, or give him award..

rush to condemn linda fairstein is mob rule

I have served as the president of New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  I have tried literally hundreds of cases against the system. By the conduct of seemingly bright people in their inappropriate responses, I feel for their concerns as I feel in this case..

democrats are courting disaster

thanks to Chief Justice John Roberts on Obamacare and Justice Anthony Kennedy on such things as same-sex marriage and action — his vote favor of racial preferences came in 2016 progressives felt they were always on defense and were one step, one nomination, away from the precipice... ..


Once she was arrested and members of US civil society began to mobilize in her defense, I believe that the authorities did not want to bring further attention to her case; especially since it was starting to penetrate the mainstream press in the US. ..


But a federal appeals court held in September that the government could continue to detain him indefinitely, dealing a major setback to the defense. . One of his lawyers, Donna Newman, said at a news conference yesterday in New York that her client denied all the allegations and looked..


For many months here Texas, Comrade Rashid, our minister of defense, and I have struggled hard to shed light on the heinous acts of violence perpetrated by Texas Department of Criminal Justice employees against prisoners of every race, nation and creed. ..


Hoppe, Hans-Hermann, Fallacies of Public Goods Theory and Production of Security, 9, 1.., Marxist and Austrian Class Analysis, 9, 2.., The Private Production of Defense, 14, 1.. ..

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