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Bush, avid outdoorsman who took Theodore Roosevelt as model, sought to safeguard the environment, signing the first improvements to Clean Air Act in more than decade. ..

george hw bush, former president, dies in houston tx

By capping discretionary spending and raising taxes, Domestically, Bush's accomplishments included bailout of the savings and loan industry, Clean Air Act to curb smog and rain, Americans with Disabilities Act to protect the rights of people with disabilities, and budget with..

broughton v. u.s.

In complaint, she requests inflation-adjusted civil penalties for VA's deliberate violations of Clean Air Act or, in the alternative, damages in the amount of $3,195,000 for VA's deliberate violations of Clean Air Act, Occupational Safety and Health Act,..

living on earth: kavanaugh on environmental law

Kavanaugh looked at the language of the Clean Air Act and said, no, it's limited, EPA's authority is limited to substituting one ozone-depleter for another, but it can't take climate change into account when it looks at alternatives. ... Circuit for 12 years where he encountered..


petition by environmental groups under Clean Air Act for Environmental Protection Agency to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from cars has opened up some sharp divisions among states that view more or less regulation of these emissions as helpful or harmful to their economic..

law without history?

In that case Supreme Court reversed court's holding that Clean Air Act's that Environmental Protection Agency promulgate national ambient air quality standards was unconstitutional because, as interpreted by EPA, the statute failed to provide principle to guide the agency's..

mortality risk valuation

The major review of mortality risk valuation came in the mid-1990s when EPA reported to Congress on the economic benefits and costs of Clean Air Act. ..

the epa's war against the states

State offi­cials spend countless hours and tax dollars crafting implementation plans to comply with the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act. ... With increasing frequency, the agency is disapproving state initiatives under the Clean Water Act..


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