the two-state solution is neither

The United States has fought bitterly over these issues–including its own civil war, and many rounds of social and political rights movements–but this fundamental western Enlightenment idea has held up as the core value of all our laws in the United States. ..

prelude to a new civil war?

There's not day that I do not ask myself which side of Spanish Civil War would I have fought on. and there has never been day when the answer did not come back that I would have and without fought for Franco for the preservation of Spanish Catholic Civilization... ... There's not day..

how the united states could lose a war

Whether described in operational plans, strategic wargames or even fiction, the pattern mirrors Civil War or World War II Things are hairy at first and defeat even seems possible and then United States gets serious, turns the tide and fights its way to victory. ..

conservatives’ self-delusion on race

Writers like Kevin Williamson and Dinesh D'Souza point to southern segregationist politicians who were, for historic reasons tied to Civil War, Democrats, to either tarnish Democratic Party or exonerate the movement for cultivating white votes with racial appeals.. ..

the lies of our (financial) times

In 2011 the US and its western allies bombed Libya, murdered Gadhafi, totally destroyed civil society and undermined the US/EU oil agreements. The FT backed the war but decried the outcome. The FT followed a familiar ploy; promoting military invasions and then, after the fact, criticizing..

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