before the revolution

important issue in the fascination with Republican era has been questions about what really happened among Nationalists, Communists, and Japanese during War of Resistance and Civil War. ..

state of emergency declared in sri lanka

Nine years after the end of its three-decade civil war, Sri Lanka is stalled on delivering its pledges of justice and reconciliation. ... The government needs to protect the human rights of all ethnic groups to ensure that the ugly communal violence that presaged Sri Lanka’s long..

monthly review

Already at the time of Russian Revolution European powers had sent troops to support White Army against Red Army in Russian Civil War. The defeat of White Army and their Western allies in Civil War, coupled with the preoccupation of the capitalist powers in rebuilding..


., in speech, spoke of the civil liberties have received in United States during times of war and perceived threats to its security. ... Brennan cited five historic cases to make his point Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 Lincoln's of the writ of habeas corpus during Civil..

the cleverness of joseph stalin

His principal rival was Trotsky, in which capacity he directed Red forces to in Civil War. In elections to Central Committee held at Tenth Party Congress in 1921, the hero of Civil War came tenth, behind Stalin.. ..

the south still lies about the civil war

Cox — and in his book on the civil rights Mississippi, John Dittmer concluded that the lost cause version of post- Civil War in South still held sway among the majority of whites in that state as recently as the early 1990s.. Southern version of history also prevailed for..

hidden origins of syria’s civil war

Since the Syrian civil war began in 2011, nearly a quarter million people have perished and fully half of the country’s inhabitants have been forced from their homes, creating the worst refugee crisis in the past quarter century. ... The city of Dara’a, near the Jordanian border, was..

religious literacy: what every american should know

I think that we could sit and have this same conversation about Americans ignorance of their own political history, and you see the endless polls where people say they do not know when Civil War started and what the battle of Gettysburg was and people ca not identify Abraham Lincoln and..

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