presstv-assange exposed us war crimes: analyst

Assange, who spent seven years at Ecuadorian London before his arrest, has been indicted by a US court for publishing secret documents related to Iraq and Afghanistan wars that were leaked by American former Chelsea Manning.. ... Assange and Chelsea Manning are..


The fate of Julian Assange, just like that of Chelsea Manning or Edward Snowden, Mediapart's publishing Edwy Plenel in this opinion article. ..

part 1: 'so now he's our property'

So would Chelsea Manning, the brave former US Army whistleblower who passed on to WikiLeaks more than 700,000 US State Department and Pentagon documents, videos and diplomatic cables about the US wars Iraq and Afghanistan.. ... WikiLeaks expanded ' Assange has been arrested relation to US..

assange arrested for exposing u.s. war crimes

As we all know by now, Julian Assange was kicked out of Ecuadorian Embassy London and then arrested, and has been indicted by U.S government for helping Chelsea Manning to crack password code on Defense Department computer to unearth restricted classified documents. ... But the question..

un official on assange

By sentencing federal district court judge, Expulsion assures extradition to the US to face prosecution and harsh detention, amounting to prohibited cruel and treatment, similar to how Chelsea Manning was and continues to be tortured confinement ignored.. ..

chelsea manning again takes fall for defending

Chelsea Manning was US Army soldier who released to WikiLeaks Iraq and Afghan war logs, ation on torture and civilian killings, including airstrike that killed two Reuters correspondents and diplomatic cables revealing, among other things, secret between the US and Yemen. ..

judging u.s. war crimes

Chelsea Manning, as atrocities against human beings. Chelsea Manning made available to the world the black and white footage and audio content. Chelsea Manning's disclosures also led to awareness of Granai massacre Afghanistan. ..

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