boris johnson

Brussels can no longer bury its head in the sand on alternatives to Irish backstop, ally of Boris Johnson.. ... George Osborne is to be the next head of International Monetary Fund despite Boris Johnson asking.. ..

emmanuel macron

President Macron told Boris Johnson that Irish was indispensable as he warned the minister not.. ... Boris Johnson has is confident that European Union will back down over his demands for Irish.. ..

boris johnson, winston churchill and the united

Much has been made of Boris Johnson's Churchillian self-conception. His rotundity, irreverence and maverick qualities ostensibly qualify him for the comparison. ... Boris Johnson explains how to speak like Winston Churchill . Johnson concludes: 'So much for the case that..

is boris johnson good for the jews?

On Tuesday, Boris Johnson was elected leader of the Tory Party following Theresa May’s resignation over her failure to deliver Brexit. ... So which is the true Boris Johnson? Some believe that he tailors his views to appeal to whichever audience he wants to reach. . ..

boris johnson to be u.k. prime minister after

LONDON — Boris Johnson, Britain's former secretary, on Tuesday won the contest to succeed Prime Minister Theresa May, with his party handing the job of resolving Brexit nightmare to one of the architects of the project, and one of the country's most polarizing politicians.. ... And I..

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