To get to two thirds, Boris Johnson needs to get Jeremy Corbyn on board .  ... For that part of Conservative party that has Boris Johnson on probation will decamp en masse to Brexit party. ..

boris johnson and jeremy hunt blast met police

The comments drew pointed rebuke from Tory Boris Johnson,  any attempt to prosecute journalists for publishing further leaks could have a chilling effect on public debate... ... According to the paper, back to UK officials that last-ditch attempt by then-Foreign Secretary..

the rise and fall of the tory party

Incredibly, the ruling class had lost control over Tory Party - its first choice political representatives - with the likes of Boris Johnson responding to the concerns of the bosses about Brexit by saying f***k business... ... The election of Boris Johnson as leader of..

the plot to keep corbyn out of power

Jeremy Hunt, the secretary who hopes to defeat Boris Johnson in Tory leadership race, man. By default and without election the next prime minister, While the media obsess about Corbyn's supposed mental deficiencies, they have smoothed the path of Boris Johnson, man. ..

2019 july 02newsbiscuit

The BBC has announced that the new format for Tory party leadership debate will be enormous booze-up at Boris Johnson's flat, followed by full-on screaming match and the throwing of cutlery. Boris Johnson has invited Jeremy Hunt to come over to his for 4 or 5 bottles of..

why boris johnson as prime minister will be the

There are only four ways I see Boris Johnson premiership going in regard to Brexit, all of them bad for the long term project of Britain having left European Union and forged its own path... Boris Johnson is the factor. They rejected Gove you know, getting someone..

united kingdom

By endorsing Safe Schools Declaration, UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson can support effort to better protect schools during times of war. ..

'uk spies believe daesh chief escaped mosul'

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson attends press conference on November 4, 2016 at Foreign Ministry Berlin UK intelligence sources believe that Daesh chief Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi has managed to escape Iraqi of Mosul, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says... ..

uk polling report

Tomorrow's Times has poll of Conservative party members about the election, showing Theresa May of the favourite, Boris Johnson. ... today's poll he is pipped by Theresa May 19% of the public think she would be the candidate for the leader of Tories, 18% think Boris..

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