basically, bernie sanders is a communist

As Mark Levin has noted, the entire Bernie Sanders agenda is a page taken straight out of Josef Stalin’s Bill of Rights. Truly — The Bernie Sanders “Bill of Rights” nearly identically parallels Articles 118-122 from Stalin’s 1936 Constitution. . ..

video: bernie sanders defines his vision for

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) spoke about his views on democratic socialism and why it would be good for the USA in a speech at George Washington University in Washington, DC. . Bernie Sanders represents a powerful voice in US politics. The publication of this text and video does..

more evidence of a buttigieg boomlet

The latest evidence for this comes in poll out of New Hampshire that shows him in third-place behind Bernie Sanders, and Vice-President Joe Biden. ... Bernie Sanders  leads Democratic field New Hampshire, and South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg is on the rise and..

establishment dems freak out over sanders

Bernie Sanders called out Center for American Progress for smearing him and couple of other Democratic presidential contenders. ... The truth is that CAP and other Democrats are scared stiff of Bernie Sanders and are dead set against him being their Party's nominee. ..

bernie sanders wants incarcerated people to vote.

Bernie Sanders suggestion that all states should allow incarcerated people to vote, instead of re-enfranchising them one-by-one after incarceration, is constructive way of bypassing the voting rights debate and getting right down to the idea that one remains citizen even after being..


Four Democratic presidential candidates, Senators Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Kirsten Gillibrand and Governor Jay Inslee were among the featured speakers at the 2019. 281 views.. ... Senator Bernie Sanders hosted Concord, New Hampshire, since announcing his..

ordinary times

And like it or not, the front-runner for Democratic 2020 nomination as it stands right now, today, in the year of our Lord 2019, is Bernie Sanders.. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont raised $18.2 million over the first six weeks of his presidential bid, his campaign..

bernie sanders in the 1970s urged nationalization of

Aspects of Sanders plans and in Liberty Union have been reported before, and the material taken together, including hundreds of newly digitalized newspapers and files from Liberty Union Party archived at the University of Vermont, paint portrait of Sanders views on state and public-controlled..

bernie sanders pushed the democrats on israel in

NEW YORK (JTA) — This may be hard to remember, but three years ago it was a big deal when Bernie Sanders criticized Israel in public. . ... Maybe not yet: Friedman pointed out that Tlaib, who is Palestinian-American, met last month with Sanders and referred to him as “Amo..

sanders and the left

For moment, it seemed, the rhetoric of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, in challenging the coronation of Hillary Clinton in Democratic primaries, injected semblance of reality and raised expectations in election season involving two deeply unpopular candidates.1 . ... By the radicalism of..

the faux political system by the numbers

Try it with, say, mild, and reformer like Ralph Nader and see how the formula works, or reformer like Bernie Sanders and the result will be the same. ... Senator Bernie Sanders is the mildest of reformers, say with issues of debt or of inequality, and over the past few..

bernie sanders's hammer on the trump's head

TEHRAN - Bernie Sanders, American senator, and one of Democratic nominees for the 2016 election, continues to oppose U.S. ... Accordingly, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have both good position among Democrat supporters and they both have good chance to reach the final..

democrats, 2020, and the age issue

Two years ago, it was inevitable that Hillary Clinton would be Democratic notwithstanding the fact that she faced stronger than expected challenge from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. ... Already we've seen some candidates flirting with the idea of running, including known names like..


Bernie Sanders declines to say when he will release tax returns. Bernie Sanders sidestepped questions Thursday about when he will release his tax returns, with the... ..


WisGOP Releases letter showing Bernie Sanders, other top Democrat surrogates calling.. ..

bernie sanders cannot save us

Sanders must understand the connection. Bernie Sanders Could Be Democratic Candidate We've All Been Waiting For., Hayden supports the idea that Sanders run as Democrat in the hope that his campaign will push Democrats supporting Hilary Clinton to the left. ..

israeli apartheid’s democratic champions

By this evolving consciousness of the oppression of the Clockwise from top left Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders But one in U.S has stood unswayed Palestinians by Israel, with the support of its main, U.S government.. ... In Senate vote on the pro-..

bernie sanders on 2020 election and future of

Book Excerpt: 'Where We Go From Here' . by Bernie Sanders . During my campaign for president in 2016, I stated over and over again that the future of our country was dependent upon our willingness to make a political revolution. ... Excerpted from the book WHERE WE GO FROM HERE by..

charles blahous

Last the Mercatus Center published my estimates of the cost of the Medicare for All  bill introduced in US Senate by Senator Bernie Sanders along with 16 co-sponsors. ..


Trump - Democrats ...

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