the legacy of leon trotsky

His defense of the soul of Marxism--that socialism must be the self-emancipation of the working class--in the face of Stalin's distortions preserved the tradition for generation to discover, first in the 1960s and 0s, and later after the fall of Berlin Wall and the end of Cold War.. ..

the future of freedom foundation

Fully understanding this spending problem, President Trump and his anti-immigrant cohorts and his fellow interventionist want to spend even more billions of dollars on their Berlin Wall and are now threatening Venezuela with war, on top of their forever wars in Middle East and..

the world next week

East Asia Summit takes place Singapore, the anniversary of the end of World War I is commemorated, and the 29-year anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall is marked. . ..

‘how the west eats its children’

International relations experienced profound change with the paralysis of Soviet Union in 1986, then with the revocation of Warsaw Pact in 1989, when East German Communist Party destroyed Berlin Wall, finally, with the dissolution of USSR in 1991.. ..

e. germans vote: unity fast or slow

What started with hundreds of thousands taking to September has gone from punching in Berlin Wall to casting ballots today that could lead to reunification with West Germany.. ... For some West Germans, the thrill of seeing the collapse of Berlin Wall has subsided. ..

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