former us president george hw bush dies at 94

During his term office, revolution of swept the globe, emancipating tens of millions of people and unleashing series of transformative events collapse of Soviet Union and the end of Cold War Berlin Wall fell., and Germany united within NATO following 45 years of division. ..

brazil in danger: three time bombs

This loss of control presented two dangers to US security the challenging of unrestrained access to the vast natural resources, and the increasingly troubling presence, on the continent, of China, country that way before Trump had been viewed as the new global threat to the unipolarity the US had been able..

beyond the cold war

The division of Europe had been overcome with the collapse of Berlin Wall, literally with the progressive opening of borders between Hungary and Austria, Czechoslovakia and Austria, East Germany and West Germany. ..

e. germans vote: unity fast or slow

What started with hundreds of thousands taking to September has gone from punching in Berlin Wall to casting ballots today that could lead to reunification with West Germany.. ... For some West Germans, the thrill of seeing the collapse of Berlin Wall has subsided. ..

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